Our Brands

An overview of our brand Portfolio

Dermocosmetic brand from Poland providing a wide range of products. Their primary focus is to meet the unique needs and expectations of their customers.
Well-established brand known for it;s high-quality hair care products. They offer a diverse range of innovative solutions to promote healthy and beautiful hair.
Renowned brand specializing in natural hair coloring & care products. Products are formulated with natural ingredients & botanical extracts, providing vibrant, long-lasting color.
Reputable brand dedicated to providing high-quality &innovative health & wellness prod- ucts. They offer a diverse range of supplements & personal care items.
Innovative nutritional supplement brand based on science. They offer a wide range of di- etary supplement that are carefully formulated using premium ingredients.
Trusted brand dedicated to providing novel products in topical form focusing on Women’s Health, Gynecology & Dermatology.
A brand that produces numerous dietetic, food and cosmetic products based on natural raw materials such as Honey, Propolis, and Healing Herbs.
Established with inspiration from Nordic endemic plants, taking the power of sci- ence with it, Bionnex produces natural, effective and long-lasting solutions for hair and skin problems.
Skincare solutions company offering TXA PLUS®,a complex developed by KPS Lab- oratories and used by the line of products TXA PLUS. It has a powerful whitening and pigment removing effect.
Dedicated to creating skin care solutions powered by Micro Channel Patch Technology® that elevates the skin’s potential and unveils vibrant complexions.
Swiss origin cosmetics with natural formulations and advanced technologies. The lines are dedicated to the various skin needs of both the face and body, as well as a make-up line with feminine tones.
Family-owned enterprise with a global outlook, dedicated presence in the market as creators of top-tier food supplements. Sakai are experts in all stages of manufacturing.

Well-known brand products that are based on the latest achievements of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

Cosval food supplements blend millennia-old herbal traditions from diverse cultures, embodying a rich global heritage

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