Some Major Tips for Taking Care of Your Delicate Skin This Winter

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Some Major Tips for Taking Care of Your Delicate Skin This Winter

Here at Smartpharma, we are dedicated to taking excellent care of your possessions so that they benefit you well for a lifetime, and your delicate, precious skin is no exception. Dry, harsh winter weather can be pretty challenging, detrimental, and agonizing on your skin. While there are some amazing brands out in the market that offer the best skincare products like Smart Pharma, whose skincare & beauty products are organic, natural, and can treat your skin like a baby.

It might be hard to resist the urge of buying bundles of lotions following that first gust of harsh cold winter wind! This mixture of hydrating, organic, 100% natural products, home remedies, and some useful tips to living by will help your skin stay moisturized, healthy, happy, and glowing through the bitterly cold winter.

1. Drink plenty of water.

When it’s cold outside, we usually neglect to drink enough water throughout the whole day, but this happens just when the air with low humidity doubtlessly strips our soft and delicate skin of its moisture. Always try to sip water slowly through the day rather than a mouthful, and utilize a reusable bottle. To be in a win-win situation, indulging yourself in hot beverages like natural ginger and lemon tea is a great way to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated at the same time. Your skin will be pampered, healthy, hydrated, and soft this winter with Smart Pharma, the best skincare brand in the UAE.

2. Select a good-quality cleanser wisely.

There are various high street cleansers out there in the market that utilise harsh chemicals which can be harmful to the skin rather than nourishing. Ingredients like alcohol and any other added preservatives/fragrances won’t be of any benefit for dry, flaky skin, as they take away all the natural oils. Smart Pharma’s Acne Cleanser will help keep the skin in moisture, while still wiping off the day’s dirt, impurities, and make-up.

3. Use a good exfoliator for excellent skin.

There are countless benefits of using a good exfoliator during winters as it will not only take off the dry, dead skin cells but also help you revive new ones. Your skin will be grateful to you for using natural, exfoliating scrubs.

4. Keep your daily showers pleasant and short.

It’s enticing to stretch to that dial, turn up the heat, and enjoy long sessions of hot showers when it’s insanely cold outside. However, long bathtubs and hot showers are an absolute no. Hot water will lead to dehydration of your skin and also strip away all the essential oils from your body. After a hot shower, if you feel that your skin is irritatingly red and itchy, then it’s an indication that you’ve gone overboard with it.

But Relax! We’ve got you covered in the next step.

5. Choose a high-quality natural moisturizer & apply it immediately after washing.

Always select your facial moisturizer and body lotion very wisely. It is recommended to use oil-based products rather than water-based to restore essential hydrating oils in your skin. Apply moisturizer immediately after washing to lock in the moisture, and also don’t forget to put some product on your hands and feet, the most useful parts of your body!

Try out this heavenly amazing Intensive Moisturizing Cream, which is a blend of Camellia Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Sea Buckthorn, and Grape Berry, Vit. A and E, and much more.

Intensive Moisturizing Cream

6. Sunscreen is not just limited to summer.

We may consider sunscreen as an important part of the skincare routine during the warmer months, but it’s also very essential during winter to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. Try to cover your face, neck, and hands if they are exposed, and use a high-quality sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection.

With a little extra care and time, you can achieve glowy, soft, smooth, and radiant skin all winter long.

Buy the best skin care products in Dubai from Smart Pharma that can help you treat all your skin-related issues with a wide variety of its product range and other winter skin care treatments.

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