About Us



Who we are

SMART PHARMA has been established in Dubai in 2012, depending on the history, experience and the relations of the Founders who have worked in multinational companies in the Middle East countries.

Since then it has established strong business relationship with the major chains of pharmacies, doctors, hospitals and consumers to cover all UAE.

SMART PHARMA Vision & Mission

SMART PHARMA believe that by providing people with passionate and sincere services we will be a unique well-being provider in the Middle East.

“Helping people to reach the feeling of well-being”
By providing the most pure, natural and scientifically designed health care, skin care and beauty products.
We choose to present the products that will make people feel they are taking care of themselves and, most important, feel good about themselves.

SMART PHARMA Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to provide Middle East people with the latest and most natural well-being products
Business wise, this will be translated by covering the GCC and other MENA area with our team and alliances.